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    Version 3.3 - With Live translation, calculator, Utube &improvements NOW ON LINE ...AND FREE SO pass it on

    Blue Yonder (requires plugin)+our latest dimensional plantary interface 01/01/08

    SMS Worldwide + (UK) BT free directory enquiries with free send number to mobile.
    BBC Live video action front page weather and media video with radio streaming. (broadband preferred)
    World time zones with visual daylight indication.

    Sends instant text from any PC to any Mobile Worldwide for only 3.5p

    AI Version 2.0 Is one of the most graceful interfaces available beautiful matching graphics for Windows XP.


    • 3.30 Language Translation fail due to to Google update resolves this issue correcting failure
    • Please redownload the software here
    • R8 custom version
    • Standard version

    Timezone Startup interface STANDARD VERSION

    Timezone Startup interface R8 VERSION


    The image above illustrates the eye catching interface only, download the fullversion to experience the complete system capability, trial excludes the ability to save contacts or adjust initial settings.

    A fantastic desktop information program with a quick and easy way to text to mobile, Instant directory enquiries and media streaming all in one compact package with advanced world timezone display.

    The interface can be fully customized to set your start numbers and common contacts for texting, and includes BBC news frontpage/24/weather and radio Streams and now with Google map and live currency convertor,utube its our best yet
    On top or standard window viewing capable.

    Download ORICLE.INFO

    • The full version is completely free to All
    • Updates are free by subscribing to Digital Video Team

    Installation, configuration ...

    The information how to setup, configure and use SMS system can be found in the section Manual.


    We recommend you first to read Manual and if you don't find answers you can send your questions to us.

    Configuration Interface

    SMS includes a integrated popular contacts feature for fast text

    • Auto Check Verify Text System.
    • Interface For Media player interface users theme.
    • Startup Program Initial settings Editor.
    • Contacts Common contacts store.